Driving ESG Oriented Operations

LR energy integrates ESG, promising a future rooted in responsibility, innovation, and positive impact.

  • Sustainable Operations

    Balancing progress and planet, our operations drive sustainability through responsible practices.

  • Diversified Workforce

    Our workforce's richness in backgrounds and talents fuels innovation and success.

  • Young-experienced Board

    Our board thrives on the dynamic interplay of fresh insights and proven wisdom.

Sustainable Development Goals

LR Energy is committed to making meaningful contributions to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through a comprehensive analysis of our impact on each goal, we have identified four core SDGs to which our Group makes substantial and impactful contributions.

Affordable and clean energy

Providing modern green energy for all through innovative investments in emerging energy technologies, contributing to SDG 7.

Decent Work And Economic Growth

At LR Energy, a work culture that promotes safety, health, and growth underscores our contribution to SDG 8's objectives.

Indentity Innovation And Infrastructure

Through strategic collaborations, LR Energy actively furthers the United Nations SDGs, demonstrating our commitment to global betterment.

Climate action

By investing in energy transition infrastructure, we continuously reduce greenhouse gases, actively addressing SDG 13's call for climate action.


Focused on greener horizons, our emphasis on environmental progress propels energy transition.


Reduction in carbon emissions Scope 1


Enriching lives, our initiatives uplift communities, embodying our commitment to social progress.


Upholding strong governance, we demonstrate transparency, cultivating a foundation of trust and excellence.