Energy Unbounded

With an unyielding spirit, LR Energy champions affordable, reliable, or sustainable solar energy accessibility across the globe. Our versatility spans diverse locations and methods, ensuring consistent delivery of our promises. As an unwavering force, we stand committed to realizing global energy empowerment.

Why choose solar power Solutions ?

Solar power energy holds immense importance due to its role in achieving a sustainable and zero-carbon future. It provides a reliable and resilient source of energy, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and mitigating climate change. With zero carbon emissions, it contributes to a cleaner environment and offers a solution for energy security. Transitioning to solar power ensures a greener, more sustainable world, powered by 100% clean and renewable energy.


Jobs supported by Indian Solar Industry in 2022 across all states


Solar energy capacity installed in India, 4th highest across the globe.

43.8 Mn Tons

CO2 offset.

Our Value Proposition

LR Energy's Distinctive Solar Power Value Proposition Illuminating Tomorrow's Green & Sustainable Energy Landscape.


LR Energy's EPC Solar Projects offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions. From design to deployment, our expertise ensures efficient harnessing of solar energy, delivering environmentally conscious and economically viable power solutions.

Solar Consultancy

Elevate your solar journey with LR Energy's Solar Consultancy. Our experts simplify the path to sustainable power, offering personalized guidance and strategies that illuminate your way to a brighter energy future.

Turnkey Projects

Embark on a seamless solar transformation with LR Energy's Turnkey Projects. We manage the entire lifecycle, providing end-to-end solutions that harness the power of the sun, enabling you to embrace renewable energy effortlessly.

Acquisition of Solar Projects

Expand your solar influence with LR Energy's Acquisition of Solar Projects. We specialize in identifying, acquiring, and optimizing solar assets, enabling you to accelerate your transition towards a greener energy landscape.

PPA (power Purchase Agreements)

Unlock the potential of solar energy with LR Energy's PPA (Power Purchase Agreements). We design agreements that empower your transition to clean energy, ensuring predictable costs and sustainable power solutions for your operations.

Government Approvals

Navigate regulatory landscapes effortlessly with LR Energy's Government Approvals expertise. Our seasoned professionals streamline approvals, ensuring swift and compliant execution of solar projects, paving the way for your sustainable energy transformation.

Funding and Investment

Fuel your solar journey with LR Energy's Funding & Investment expertise. Our strategic financial guidance secures the resources needed for solar ventures, driving the realization of renewable energy projects and unlocking lucrative returns.

Solar installation and Commissioning

Seamless solar transition awaits through LR Energy's Solar Installation & Commissioning proficiency. Our skilled engineers ensure precise installation and thorough commissioning, securing the optimal operation of your solar power solutions, today and tomorrow.

Solar Designing and Sensitivity Services

Shape the future of solar energy with LR Energy's Solar Designing & Sensitivity Services. Our experts blend cutting-edge design and meticulous sensitivity analysis to create solar solutions that optimize efficiency, reliability, and environmental impact.

Our Portfolio

Experience our solar energy innovation through a diversified portfolio, reflecting LR Energy's commitment to worldwide greener positive change.

Tosham, Haryana

  • 24 MW

  • Module : Polycrystalline
    Inverter : Central

  • Commissioned

Sirsa, Haryana

Sirsa, Haryana

  • 10 MW

  • Module : Polycrystalline
    Inverter : Central

  • Commissioned

Tosham, Haryana

Why LR’s Solar Energy Solutions

Empower your energy future with LR's solar solutions, offering savings, sustainability, and uninterrupted power.

Save on Your Energy Bills:

Solar energy solutions put you in control of your energy expenses. Watch your utility bills decrease as you generate your electricity from the sun's power.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable:

Choosing solar power is a commitment to the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future with clean and renewable energy.

Reliable and Independent Energy Source:

Experience uninterrupted power supply, even during grid outages. Solar power solutions provide energy independence and peace of mind.