The SIRSA plant commenced operations in February 2020 and is situated across 45 acres of land near Dudhiyanwali in Sirsa District, Haryana. It provides clean energy to its own Captive Consumer through a long-term agreement, marking it as the first project in Haryana to receive approval under the 26% Captive status. It has been delivering power to its Captive Consumer since February 2022.

Sirsa, Haryana

  • 10 MW

  • Polycrystalline
    Inverter : Central

  • Commissioned

Our Facts

Annual Power Generation: Approximately 18,077,260 units of electricity per annum(~18.07 MUs).

Reduction in CO2 Emissions: The plant contributes to reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 14.46 metric tons for every 1 kWh of solar power generated.

Solar Panels Deployed: The facility operates with approximately 36,898 solar panels.

Associated Partners

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