21 Dec 2023

LR Energy Group Forges Groundbreaking Partnership for CBG Supply in Haryana under CBG CGD Scheme

In a monumental stride toward sustainable energy, LR Energy Group on 21st December 2023 has formalised a Tripartite Agreement involving LR Energy Vrindavan Pvt Ltd, GAIL (India) Ltd, and GAIL Gas Ltd. This pivotal agreement marks a significant advancement in the production and distribution of Compressed Biogas (CBG) under the CBG CGD Scheme.

Situated strategically in the Sonipat District of Haryana, the eagerly awaited CBG Plant will be the first of its kind commissioned in the state, reflecting Haryana's commitment to embracing cleaner energy alternatives. 

Boasting a State-of-the-Art Plant with a substantial 5.4 Tons Per Day (TPD) CBG capacity, the facility utilises Press-mud and Cow-dung as primary feedstock. Notably versatile, the plant can adapt to various feedstock options like Agricultural Waste, Vegetable Waste, and Poultry litter. This adaptability aligns with sustainable practices, contributing to environmental conservation and the efficient utilisation of diverse waste streams.

LR Energy Group's intentional selection of Press-mud and Cow-dung as feedstock underscores its commitment to eco-friendly solutions. By harnessing organic waste, the company not only addresses waste management challenges but also produces CBG, a cleaner alternative to conventional fuels.

The imminent commissioning of the CBG Plant in Haryana signifies a crucial step toward achieving the nation's clean energy goals. Compressed Biogas, celebrated for its potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, is poised to contribute to a greener and more  sustainable future.

This Tripartite Agreement exemplifies LR Energy Group's unwavering dedication to pioneering environmentally conscious initiatives. Collaborating with GAIL (India) Ltd and GAIL Gas Ltd, this partnership fortifies collective efforts to promote cleaner energy sources and sets a precedent for future sustainable energy projects in the region.

As the CBG Plant gears up for commissioning in the Q1 2024, it stands as a testament to the collaborative prowess of LR Energy Group, GAIL (India) Ltd, and GAIL Gas Ltd in ushering in a new era of sustainable energy practices in Haryana.