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Advancing Sustainability: Our Solutions Portfolio

Explore our comprehensive suite of renewable energy solutions, innovative biogas technologies, sustainable agriculture practices, and cutting-edge UAV applications—all designed to power a greener and more sustainable future.

Solar Power Solutions

Empowering businesses and governments with scalable solar power solutions,

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Biogas Solutions

Unlock the full potential of waste-to-energy transformation with our biogas solutions

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Agriculture Solutions

Optimize agricultural operations with our tailored solutions, offering data-driven insights

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UAV Solutions

Experience operational excellence with our UAV solutions, delivering high-resolution aerial data

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BioDiesel Solutions

Empowering businesses and governments with scalable BioDiesel solutions

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Research and Development Solutions

Drive innovation and progress with our Research and Development solutions, empowering businesses and institutions

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Transforming the World

Journey with us as we showcase the tangible difference we have made through our diverse solutions, contributing to reduced carbon footprints, enhanced agricultural productivity, and technological advancements that redefine industries and make a lasting impact on society.




Capacity (MW)


MWH Produced


CO2 Saved (Tons)

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Immerse yourself in our portfolio of diverse projects, spanning renewable energy installations, biogas initiatives, agricultural advancements, each representing our unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainable solutions

Tosham, Haryana

  • 12Mw

  • Module : Polycrystalline
    Inverter : Central

  • Commissioned

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Explore the forefront of renewable energy advancements with our recent articles, where we share exciting developments that shape the future of clean energy solutions.

10 Jun 2023

Sustainable Synergy: LR Energy's Trailblazing Approach to a Greener Future

09 Jun 2023

Corporation to commission Solar Power Plant to be completed by May,2020

01 Jun 2023

Corporation to commission Solar Power Plant to be completed by May,2020