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At LR Energy, biogas plant optimizes the utilization of raw materials from poultry manure, animal droppings, agricultural waste, sugarcane press-mud and other organic feedstock by converting the biomasses into compressed biogas and valuable bio-fertilizer. In an effective way to produce biogas, we utilize feedstock procured from farmers, businesses, and landfills get rid of their waste. These biogas plants are a perfect solution for utilization of agricultural and industrial “waste” streams. This way, the LR Energy will help communities displace coal and petroleum over biogas production throughout PAN India by being a clean energy leader. The company’s strategy is based on generating and delivering clean energy and building renewable sources that are abundant, affordable and accessible.

At LR Energy, we focus on a high biogas production, low operational costs, low maintenance costs and a high flexibility in the biomasses that can be used in the biogas plant. The company focuses on ensuring the customer gets maximum return on investments. It is our observation that a high quality plant ensures stable operation and highly efficient and economic biogas production. Among the various types of biofuels, biogas is gaining popularity across the world as it can be produced through anaerobic digestion.

Owing to several benefits, various types of biogas plants have been developed in different parts of the world. Broadly they can be classified into institutional and commercial, based on the application. A typical biogas plant consists of a digester and gas holder either in a single chamber or separate chambers. The anaerobic digestion process takes place in the digester and the produced biogas will be collected in the gas holder. Biogas primarily comprises methane and carbon dioxide and small amounts of hydrogen-sulphide, moisture and siloxanes. Compared to fossil fuels, biogas burns more cleanly and releases less carbon dioxide per unit of energy. Biogas generated at these plants is being used to produce electricity and heat. It is also being used to run vehicles and also as a fuel for different industrial applications. Furthermore, residues from the anaerobic digestion process constitute a nutrient-rich digestate, which can be used as an enriched organic manure to supplement the use of chemical fertilizers.

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